Merry Meet xox

Hi, my name is Journey. This was a name given to me by a very dear friend a long time ago and I have used it ever  since when doing any of my spiritual work. My personal journey started many years ago, well at birth really, but being stubborn as I am it took a while for it to all sink in and make sense and even longer for me to say out loud what I believed in without fearing the usual sneers, odd looks and outrage for not conforming. It has taken me a very long time to be confident enough to stand up for myself and my beliefs and not give a damn who is offended by this.

So what am I? Hmmmm I really hate labels as inevitably someone will try and call you out and accuse you of not being what you claim because one part of your belief is different to their stereotypical view of what that belief should be. I like to call myself a spiritual being but for practical purposes I guess I am an eclectic witch. I enjoy collecting and casting spells, performing ritual and using natural products around my home environment as much as possible rather than clogging up my psyche with chemical crap. I have always had a special connection with cats (my familiar is my 14 year old black Bersian Sooty) and my “talent” is spiritual writing. I am also an olfactory psychic.

For the last 18 years I have concentrated on being a Mum (I have two sons) and for the last 12 years I was also a dedicated and loyal wife. The last twelve months have been a huge upheaval physically, mentally and spiritually. I was sick and tired of being taken for granted and always having my needs/desires/wants thrust to the back burner. I know had allowed for that to happen over time but there comes a point where enough is enough and I had been moving towards a breakthrough for the last few years. At the start of last year I announced to my family that I wanted to sell up and move 2.5 hours away to relocate in my old home town. They were all for it to my surprise! Mid-way through the year we discovered that my Dad’s cancer had returned with avengence and he was told that this time it was terminal. Late September I told my husband that I wanted to separate and in October my Dad came to live with me and see out the little time that he had left. He and I have always had a close relationship (kindred spirits in so many ways) and although the circumstances of his stay were heart wrenching I will always cherish the time we had together laughing, crying and just being.  I told him that he could feel free to come back and haunt me any time he liked. My wonderful Dad lost his battle on December 11th 2012 and it is still extremely raw for me to talk about him. I miss him terribly.  After the funeral my kids and I moved back to my home town and in two weeks’ time we will be moving into our own place.

I was invited to contribute to this blog by my very best friend whom I have known forever (yes I mean that literally). We were commenting just recently how “strange” it was that we are both in the same place at the same time in the same frame of mind and both trying to focus a tremendous amount of spiritual energy somewhere just not quite sure how we were going to do it. I welcome new views, new ideas, inspiration and yes even criticism where it is due but don’t by any means think that I will be bullied/harassed/persuaded to change my beliefs or practices to suit someone else’s agenda cause it’s just not going to happen. I would like to share my collection of spells, ritual and homemade items to make all our lives a little more fun/better/witchy.

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful trip together. With love and light – Blessed be


Journey xox


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